Project Portfolio Management



Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the discipline that allows organizations to map their strategy from top-down in order to prioritise and select the most appropriate projects to accomplish their objectives in a sustainable and cost effective way. The main focus of PPM is to maximise the value generated by projects at all times by ensuring benefits and revenues are met at the earliest possible stage.


A typical PPM implementation comprises the following steps:

  • Setting up the strategy mapping and objective setting processes (top down)
  • Setting up the demand management process to request project initiation (bottom up)
  • Setting up the Project Information System to capture relevant data and manage the workflow
  • Roll-out a project selection dashboard and provisional master plan schedule
  • Setting up the process to assign project priorities
  • Identify resource bottlenecks
  • Define procedure to release projects over the year based on priority and bottlenecks
  • Define process to review portfolio monthly/quarterly
  • Implement solution



  • Faster and more efficient strategy execution.
  • Better and faster decision making over project release.
  • Simple visibility of the project portfolio, executive decision are more accurate and timely.
  • Higher revenues generated by projects.
  • Higher project performance, faster delivery and reduced costs due to reduction in resource overloads.
  • Increase in the number of successful projects completed.



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