Recruitment and Selection



We assist you in assessing the competencies required  for your project management needs and find the right candidates to fulfil any gaps that may emerge.

Thanks to our constant involvement in project management organizational improvement, we have the necessary know-how to understand the professional and ‘human’ requirements for a specific position. Our vast network of people involved in the field and our database of over 1000 candidates with specific project management profiles can guarantee a fast and accurate filling of any opening you may have.


  • Competence analysis and job specification creation.
  • CV screening and preliminary interviews.
  • Head hunting.
  • On-the job training after the selection to fill any gaps in the selected candidate.


  • Analysis and skill profiling carried out by professionals highly skilled in the field of project management, leading to an effective fulfillment of the organisation’s needs.
  • Cheaper selection process, thanks to our network and database of candidates specialised in project management.
  • More accurate, and therefore faster, selection of candidates due to Projectize’s unique competence in the Project Management field coupled with an up-to-date network of professionals.


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