Process Improvement



Projects have a strong impact on business processes, at the same time, many project are born out of such processes. In fact, processes and projects are intrinsically linked.

The identification and analysis of business processes covering activities, schedules, documents, products and resources, provides us with a clear understanding of how the organisation plans and manage its work.

Bottlenecks, risks, wastefulness and unnecessary redundancies emerge clearly, illustrating the first steps for improvement. Often simply, the means of increasing productivity and reducing costs.

In performing the assessment, we do our best to optimise the time and effort required of your team (interviews, analysis, etc.). Amongst the immediate results noted, is a clear definition of roles and responsibilities.

The resulting documentation are particularly useful when applying for quality and/or other certifications:

  • Organisational Analysis
  • Documentation Analysis
  • Interviews and observations
  • Integrated mapping of activities, resources, documents, tools, products and interfaces
  • Highlighted criticalities and risks
  • Proposals for improvement (and Quick-Win projects)


  • Efficient interfaces between processes’ and projects’ time and resources.
  • Formalized and documented approach to project work.
  • Identification and resolution of wastage and bottlenecks.
  • Risk reduction.
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Processes optimisation and "hardening".
  • Cost reduction.


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