Project Management Office Set-up



A Project or Programme Management Office (PMO), is a unit staffed by professionals who serve the organization’s project management needs. It also serves as the organization center for project management excellence.

The PMO can vary in size from one person part-time to a number of professionals full-time depending on the organization's needs, to perform some or all of the following activities:

  • Setting-up tools and defining standards
  • Planning, tracking and reporting
  • Information and logistics management
  • Project financial management
  • Risk and Issue tracking
  • Cross-project interdependency management
  • Developing and executing communication strategy
  • Setting quality control standards and tracking implementation
  • Setting and tracking change control procedures
  • In-house consultancy to projects and programmes
  • Providing training to projects and programmes management teams
  • Auditing and health checks on projects and programmes


  • Better alignment between business strategy and projects’ deliverables
  • Enhanced communication within, across projects and between the projects and the business
  • Shorter time to market for product development
  • Controlled changes to project specifications
  • Clear definitions, responsibilities and accountabilities of the various project management roles
  • Increased probability of successful project completion
  • Better management of suppliers and third parties
  • Improved productivity through use of standard tools and processes


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