Tool Solutions



From simple planning software and databases to custom implementation and complete Enterprise Project Management (ERP), we can help you successfully implement the right tools and solutions.

Our approach is simple and oriented towards maximizing the benefit with the least possible disruption:

  • Analysis of your needs and requirements for the new technology.
  • Development, modification or amendment of your existing practices to achieve an efficient standard methodology.
  • Evaluation of existing tools and technologies against the new requirements as an outcome of the step above and the performance of a cost/benefit analysis to identify when to buy, upgrade or integrate the new solution with your current technologies.
  • Once a new toolset is chosen, we work on the interfaces to ensure seamless integration with other management systems.
  • We then train and mentor your staff during the initial period of the new solution implementation.


  • An IT solution that satisfies the client's methodology and not the other way around.
  • Low license cost as only what is practically needed will be purchased whenever possible (research shows that over 90% of functionality provided by ERP and EPM solutions are never used by their clients).
  • Reduced impact and disruption of IT change.
  • Faster implementation time.


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