Learning and Development are an essential part of both efficiency and competitiveness of the organization, as well as the individual’s professional growth.

At Projectize, we have long provided both customised and catalogue training to our clients. 

During the second half of 2009, Projectize, alongside some of our partner organizations founded the European School of Project Management, a non-profit consortium that aims to improve projects’ and programmes’ performance through training and the promotion of proper use of tools and methodologies.

The advantages of founding ESPM

We are methodology experts.

The other members of ESPM are experts in different aspects of Project Management (Soft Skills, Technology, etc.). Through ESPM we can provide our clients with a 360° training solution targeted to their specific needs.



ESPM is a non-profit consortium.

This means that apart from gaining access to public training funds to aid financing some of our clients’ training, any remaining funds in ESPM are used to further develop our courses and provide better quality to you.


ESPM has dedicated staff to research the global development in project management products and services as well as the market needs and requirements.

The school then coordinate the development of appropriate courses with its member to best satisfy theses needs. This means we can provide more comprehensive and better-targeted training, while freeing much of our resource to concentrate on the provision of better consultancy services.

It’s a win-win situation for us and our clients

Today, our trainings are provided through ESPM. For all our courses, please see the ESPM website at:


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