Projectize al PMI® Global Congress EMEA 2010


Dal 10 al 12 Maggio si è svolto a Milano il Global Congress 2010 del PMI® area EMEA. Il Global Congress è un evento organizzato annualmente dal Project Management Institute rivolto a project manager europei, mediorientali e africani intenzionati ad approfondire gli aspetti emergenti della disciplina.




Projectize, Registered Education Provider del PMI®, è orgogliosa di aver contribuito al successo di pubblico dell’evento con i seguenti interventi:


  • Roles, Responsibilities and Skills in Program Management

Speaker:   Omar Zein

Delivered: Tuesday, 11 May 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the roles, responsibilities and skills required in the successful delivery of programmes.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities that may be required for a particular programme, especially a programme where the attendee is involved.
  • Identify the skills needed for the above roles and be able to perform a gap analysis of missing skills in order to plan appropriate training or extra resources necessary.

There are various roles in programme management, each having a set of responsibilities that are crucial to successful programme delivery. This presentation outlines these roles and responsibilities as well as the skills required to satisfactorily fulfill them.


  • Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu

Speaker:   Matteo Coscia

Delivered: Wednesday, 12 May 

Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu: a person is a person through other persons. People without roles and roles without people are often the cause of project failures. The sub saharian Zulu tribes survive each day in harsh environments recognising and being ready for each other. They call it surviving, we call it best practices. A little anthropology for project's success.

Learning Objectives

  • Pinpoint project and cultural weakness areas in the field of people recognition and role assignment.
  • Realise how crucial well defined roles are to project success.
  • Draw a parallel between real hard life and struggle with nature with complex project environments.

From the Zulu's dialect, the translation sounds like “a person is a person through other persons.” These African people have to struggle to survive every day ... literally. They either eat lunch or they ARE lunch. When they greet each other they say “sawu bona” (I see you) and the other person answers “sikhona” (I am here).

The Zulu's survival is based totally on recognition of roles and recognition of people. Emotional maturity ranks 4th in the critical project success factors in the 2008 chaos report published by the standish gruoup. People without roles and roles without people is the leading theme of this presentation, which taps into real life examples of successful and failed projects due to organisational mismatch.


Un’ulteriore testimonianza della passione e della professionalità del nostro team, sempre disposto a contribuire con contenuti innovativi all’evoluzione della disciplina del Project Management.